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An Interesting Walmart vs Aldi a Grocery Price Comparison ...

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Have you ever wondered, is Walmart cheaper than Aldi? Walmart and Aldi are known for being more inexpensive than most and I wanted to see how they’d stack up against each other in terms of grocery prices. See below for what I’ve found in regard to Walmart vs Aldi.

I update this post monthly as prices keep changing.

Why Walmart vs Aldi?

Walmart and Aldi are both known for being inexpensive so I was really interested to see which one came out as being the cheapest on basic grocery items. One downside of Aldi is that they don’t always have everything but I do feel they’ve gotten better about that in the past several years.

How to Get Groceries

Walmart has a free drive up option, whereas for Aldi there is typically a fee for someone else to pick your groceries and bring them out to you. Where we live that fee is $1.99 but I’ve heard of Aldi’s in other cities charging more for drive up.

Both stores have a delivery option as well, for a fee.

Of course, you can also do what we all did before drive up and delivery options were available, walk into the store and shop yourself 🙂 I haven’t done that for over 2 years and it’s kind of sad for me as I love shopping but also kind of nice not to!


Aldi has partnered with Instacart so you can get your groceries curbside or delivered! Instacart also works with Target, Costco, Walgreens, and many other stores. You don’t have to have an Instacart membership, you can just use it for pick up and not pay anything beyond the store’s pick up fee, if they have one. There is Instacart Pro that you can be a member of that has a fee if you’d like delivery but not required for pick up.

If you sign up and order through the button below you will get $20 off your first order!

Walmart vs Aldi

All items are generic unless there wasn’t a generic option available. Prices are from Walmart & Aldi’s Websites.

If there was a $0.10 or bigger difference between the two stores for the same item, I marked the cheaper option with a *. These prices are from the Walmart and Aldi websites. Prices may vary from in-store and from region to region.

ItemWalmartAldiOff Brand Almond Milk – 64oz$2.44*$2.55Off Brand Yogurt – 6oz$0.72$0.65Off Brand Yogurt – 32oz$2.36*$3.85Muffins – 4 pack$3.98*$4.09Off Brand Lunchmeat – 9oz$4.46$3.85*Ground Beef – 93%$6.76$5.89*Multicolored Peppers – 3pk$2.98$2.99Off Brand Peanut Butter – 16oz$1.84 (18oz)*$2.05 (18oz)Strawberries – 1lb$4.12$4.29Off Brand Hamburger Buns – 8 count$1.38$1.45Off Brand Vanilla Wafers$2.58$2.65Off Brand Diced Tomatoes – 14.5oz$0.96$0.99Hawaiian Sweet Rolls – 12ct$4.68$3.05*Fuji Apples – 3lb bag$4.36$3.29*Unsweetened Applesauce Cups – 6ct$2.24*$2.35Family Pack of Chicken$2.67/lb$2.29/lb*Wheat Bread$1.88$1.45*Gluten Free Bread$6.67 (18oz)*$7.15 (20oz)Cheese Slices (count)$2.22 (12ct)$2.09 (11ct)*1 Gallon of 2% Milk$2.67*$3.09Frozen Mixed Veggies (12oz)$0.98$1.05Eggs$1.50$1.09Cheese Cubes$2.37$2.35Bagels$1.98 (6ct)*$2.05 (6ct)Shredded Cheese (16oz)$3.98$2.99*Baby Carrots (16oz)$1.24$1.09*Bag of Frozen Chicken Breasts$9.74 (48oz)$9.35 (48oz)*Almonds – Lightly Roasted$6.23 (16oz)*$6.39 (16oz)Peanuts$2.44*$2.55Raisins – 20oz$4.72$4.69Dried Cranberries$1.96 (6oz)$1.49 (6oz)*Total$99.11$95.15*All items in table are generic, unless there wasn’t a generic option.

And The Winner Is…

Aldi is cheaper than Walmart and it might be even more apparent when you go in person as Aldi may have inflated prices on their website since they go through Instacart for drive up and delivery.

As of December 2023, Aldi continues to be a few dollars cheaper than Walmart overall, and likely would be significantly cheaper in person than my comparison online.

As of November 2023, Aldi continues to be a few dollars cheaper than Walmart overall for the groceries listed. As noted above, Aldi may be even less expensive in person than the online prices above.

As of October 2023 Aldi is a few dollars cheaper than Walmart overall for the groceries listed. As noted above, it may be that Aldi is even less expensive in person than online due to Instacart fees.

As of September 2023, Aldi was about $5 cheaper overall for the whole cart! Not many prices changed from last month at Walmart but many did at Aldi.

As of August 2023, there were 12 items cheaper at Walmart than Aldi and 12 items that were cheaper at Aldi than Walmart.

As of July 2023 there are 18 items that are cheaper at Walmart than Aldi by $0.10 or more. Aldi only has 8 items that are cheaper than Walmart.

As of June 2023 there are 18 items that are cheaper at Walmart than Aldi by $0.10 or more! Aldi only has 9 items that are more than $0.10 cheaper than Walmart.

Overall, they’re rather close and I’d go with whichever one is closer to you and most convenient.

Of course, Walmart tends to have EVERYTHING so if you’re shopping for other items besides groceries, I’d say head to Walmart if it’s nearby.

If you want a smaller store with typically fewer people but also less selection, I’d say go to Aldi.

We don’t have a Walmart nearby so I’ll stick with Aldi but it’s good to know the difference between the two if we’re ever out by a Walmart.

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I love buying groceries at Aldi bc it’s really cheap, clean, good quality and easy to find everything you need. But I was wondering if it’s really cheaper than walmart or about the same

What are your thoughts? :)

An Interesting Walmart vs Aldi a Grocery Price Comparison ...

Is Aldi really cheaper than Walmart? : r/Frugal


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